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'Spirit of Adventure' 5 Panel Running Hat (V)

'Spirit of Adventure' 5 Panel Running Hat (V)

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The Spirit of Adventure lives in every runner who ventures beyond the norm. Happily uncomfortable, our famous smiley face will be good company at mile 20, 50, 100, and beyond.

The left eye pays tribute to the moonlit forest so common in the ultra marathon, while the right eye looks forward to the sun shining over the adventure.

Go to war with fatigue, and smile along the way.

(V) for vented side panels.

High-quality BOCO endurance caps with vented side panels to keep you cool.

Lightweight and pack-able. Soft and collapsible.

Flip brim up or leave it relaxed.

Ready for your next trail run, hard gym workout, or hiking trip.

Designed for ultra runners by ultra runners.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jason Baker
Best running cap

I got this ultracap around Christmas and have been using it ever since. It has been my go to hat for any distance runs. I love the look of the smiley, broken and beat up, but still ready for more. It is super comfortable and fits great. The hat washes well and dries quick and I have zero ware and tear after putting some serious miles on it in the White Mountains. Plus I have gotten countless compliments. All in all its a great hat and I will continue to buy Wicked Trail products.

Crasanda Boss

'Smiley' Vented UltraCap


The smile says it all. Broken and beaten, but still grinning.
Unlike the porous vents on the side of the hat that provide a subtle breeze on a long run, the motivation is solidified and woven right.
For a long run, or a short one in humidity. Can’t beat this solid hat and vents for breathability.

Jed Moreno

Just a great running cap. Really enjoying putting the miles on and everytime I catch a glimpse of myself I cant help but crack a huge grin. I run in it, work out in it, do krav maga in it; it's my go to headwear for keeping the sun and sweat out of my face while simultaneously taming my wicked mane! Not a lot of lightweight and breathable and hats can make that claim, I have a pretty luxurious mane;)

Do yourself a favor and buy one, or 6. Just leave a couple for me.

Trisha Sterringer

Comfortable and lightweight. Stays in place during a run without being too tight. Definitely would recommend.